Monday, November 15, 2004

What's the Buzz, Tell Me What's a Happening

The latest from IMDB:

"Producer Neal Moritz (The Fast and the Furious) is planning a remake of the 1959 William Castle-directed horror film The Tingler for Columbia Pictures, the Hollywood Reporter reported today (Monday). The original film, starring Vincent Price, was a spine tingler in a very literal sense, as Castle introduced a gimmick he called "Percepto" in which selected theater seats were rigged with a vibrator. Whenever a scream occurred on the soundtrack, the projectionist would set off the vibrators, producing additional screaming in the audience. Castle assembled a crew that traveled the country to rig up the theater seats. There was no word whether Moritz intends to do the same."

There was also no word as to whether Castle's assembled crew remained to clean off the seats. Rumor has it that Moritz does have a client very interested in product placement for the remake.


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