Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Baby's Got Back, Or Wait Till I Towel Off

You might have heard about the latest morals furor. Nope, not that a female hostage was assassinated in Iraq. Not that U.S. troops might be killing wounded, unarmed Iraqis.

Nicollette Sheridan from ABC's Desperate Housewives dropped a towel and you could see her naked back! Before Monday Night Football!

Egad, like the guys who watch MNF want to see a sexy woman! Really all football fans want is bone-crunching action. After all, Joe Theismann had his leg snapped like a Thanksgiving turkey's wishbone on MNF. Now that's good clean entertainment.

That this promo occurred before a Eagles-Cowboys game is only more delicious, given Dallas is America's team mostly because every Danny, Donny and Dick wants to do Dallas cheerleaders.

And I have to wonder if the roar isn't so upped because Sheridan jumped into the arms of Terrell Owens at the segment's end. If she were just naked, the moralists among us might live with it. But the races mixing, that's left for the left-wing sickos who read degenerates like Faulkner to contemplate. (Don't bring up Strom Thurmond--it's just like the left to defame the dead.)


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