Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What a Tangled Web Wendy Hopes to Leave

From Santa Barbara internet meeting place Edhat we learn:

On Monday, Edhat received a CEASE and DESIST notice from David J. Millstein, an attorney for the Santa Barbara News-Press, with instructions to remove any unauthorized links to the newspress.com website from the edhat.com website; specifically the obituaries.

As many of you know, Edhat has been placing links on the Edhat News page to the obituaries in the Santa Barbara News-Press. While most of the News-Press website is subscription-only, the obituaries are not. The dedicated staff of edhat.com speculated that the reason the obituaries are not password protected is because they are written and paid for by the families of the deceased.

Today lawyer David J. Millstein (Motto: Somebody Would Take the Case, So I Might as Well Cash Wendy's Checks) made the following statement:

"Ampersand Publishing and the Santa Barbara N___-P____ have placed a cease and desist notice on the entire internet. The rest of you can have you "World" Wide Web, but the N____-P____ is no longer part of it. We're too busy being published by a bottled water expert who once led his high school newspaper (it was a private school, btw) and hiring reporters who have excellent experience as part-time photographers and full-time conspiracy nuts (they make the most perceptive journalists). Sure you can visit us using a browser--if you have paid for our sterling content--but do not link with us. What do you take us for, something common?

Furthermore, we have placed a second cease and desist on anyone even using our name, which is ours, you know, not yours. From now on, no one except for Wendy McCaw herself may use our name and you may only refer to us in writing as the Santa Barbara N____-P_____. And we reserve the right to sue you anyway if we think you've looked at us funny or have the cojones to preach against our tolerating diversity. Now go be diverse and leave us alone."


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