Thursday, November 18, 2004

Ahem for Arnold

It figures it would take a former Mr. Universe to be strong enough to bend the supreme law of this land to his own ends. But that is, of course, what some of Arnold Schwarzenegger's fans are trying to help him do by amending the constitution so he, oh, I mean any foreign born U.S. citizen, can run for president.

It does seem certain that Arnold would make a terrific presidential candidate. Just a year in office, and he's already setting fundraising records, despite insisting he was above all that when he ran for office. Indeed, he actually belittled Gray Davis for his endless fundraising, perhaps the too-aptly-named Gray's only political trick. In a season when we saw Bush and Kerry raise a staggering $777 million to vie for the White House, it's clear Arnold might have the most necessary skill to lead our country.

As a side note, how come so few people have discussed the obvious--Bush raised the most cash, $42 million more than Kerry, and he won the election. Politics seems pretty simple that way.


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