Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An Inconvenient Turd

Forget about bitching about Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize days after ratcheting up Afghanistan--turns out Change We Can Believe In means "I'll think a long time before doing what you lefties don't want me to do, but you'll still vote for me, haha." Instead I think we first need to get Al Gore to give his Nobel back. Why? Three words--Joe Fucking Lieberman.

He was an obscure moralizing asswipe before Gore decided he had to prove he was so over Big Bad Bill he needed to pick someone all moral and shit, but, alas, Lieberman turned out just to be a shit. And since then he has thought he's somebody, and there's only been hell to pay. Of course instead of kicking his toches out of the Democratic caucus, Obama insisted on kissing it instead. And you know how that ends up. How one of the few shots of something good--the expansion of Medicare--to come out of the ever dwindling health care reform gets shot down thanks solely to Lieberman.

The good news is I get to feel better and better about that Nader vote in 2000. Don't give me that ridiculous Eric Alterman argument either--Gore cost himself that election, and it all starts with how he campaigned, and that is embodied in the junior jack-off from the Nutmeg State. All he could think of was to run from Clinton, despite how popular he was is and ever will be. And how did putting Lieberman on the ticket help? Was he going to lose CT without him? Did he help him win over a few folks whose undies were in a knot about Monica Lewinsky's thong, in some Bible, not fellow human, thumping place, like, oh, I don't know--his home state of Tennessee, which he didn't carry? Which would have won him the election and saved us GWB?

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