Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Random Ten

Kate Bush "An Architect's Dream" Aerial
Sebadoh "Love to Fight" Harmacy
The Mekons "You Wear It Well" I Have Been to Heaven and Back
Uncle Tupelo "Steal the Crumbs" Anodyne
New Order "In a Lonely Place" Substance
Astor Piazzolla "Chiquilin de Bachin" Un Siecle de Tango Vol. 2
Prince "U Got the Look" The Very Best of Prince
Remy Ongala and Orchestre Super Matimilia "Dodoma" Mambo
Betty Serveert "Tomboy" What's Up Matador?
The Golden Palominos "The Haunting" Drunk with Passion

Philip Glass and Foday Musa Suso "North Africa--1962" Music from the Screens

World-ranging today, but the Dutch gal takes the tomboy cake, if you ask me.



Blogger Marty said...

Hayden, "Tragedy," Everything I Long For
Hayden, "Looking Back to Me," Elk Lake Serenade
Hayden, "Roll Down That Wave," Elk Lake Serenade
Drag the River, "So Lonely," Drag the River
Brian Jonestown Massacre, "Swallowtail (live)," Tepid Pepperment Wonderland
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, "Suddenly," Take Them On, On Your Own
The Avett Brothers, "Shame," Emotionalism
Cars Can Be Blue, "Ribbon," Doubly Unbeatable
Guided by Voices, "Shocker in Gloomtown," Human Amusements at Hourly Rates
Brian Jonestown Massacre, "Nevertheless," Tepid Pepperment Wonderland

Bonus: The Wrens, "Strange as Family," Silver

I think itunes forgot what "random" means. Glad this is back, though.

10:15 AM  
Blogger ahab said...

The Walkabouts, "Pass Me On Over" Setting the Woods On Fire
Grandaddy, "Away Birdies with Special Sounds" Concrete Dunes
S-WORD, "I'll Fly Away" Further Beyond Nashville
Calexico, "Flat Handed and On the Wing" Travelall
Lucinda Williams, "Rescue" West
Martha Wainwright, "Tower Song" I Know You’re Married But I Have Needs Too
Modest Mouse, "Exit Does Not Exist" This is a Long Drive…
Freakwater, "Lorraine" Springtime
The Beatles, "Get Back" Let It Be
Cat Power, "Free" You Are Free

Bonus: Roxy Music, "Casanova" Country Life

How 'bout Marty with the natural hat trick?

Every time George tries to get away, we keep pulling him back in... Which is nice.

WV: "nescopoo" -- which sounds like something the Whizzer might have suffered or enjoyed. Or both.

12:08 PM  
Blogger E-6 said...

Hey! George is back.

1. "Spring Released" Grant-Lee Phillips Mobilize
2. "Wall Of Death" Richard & Linda Thompson Shoot Out The Lights
3. "The Long And Winding Road" The Beatles Let It Be
4. "I Don't Care" Television The Blow Up
5. "Why Can't I Touch It?" Buzzcocks Singles Going Steady
6. "Si Tu Disais" Calexico Feast Of Wire
7. "Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe" Okkervil River The Stage Names
8. "Walk On" Neil Young On The Beach
9. "Holocaust" Big Star Third - Sister Lovers
10. "'Til I Die" The Beach Boys Surf's Up
bonus: "When Your Lonely Heart Breaks" Neil Young & Crazy Horse Year Of The Horse

1:00 PM  

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