Thursday, April 02, 2009

For They're Jolly Young Oberkfellows

It was fantasy baseball draft night, and I know hearing someone talk about his fantasy baseball team is about as exciting as watching dry paint (yes, it's past the point of the action of the paint drying), but I beg your indulgence. Plus it's my blog.

We get to carry over 7 players from season to season, so that's fun but hard, as it's sometimes tough to kiss young guys goodbye you know will be good but can't hold over people good now. So I had Brandon Webb as a rookie, Tim Lincecum as a rookie, etc. but a lot of good they do me now. The freezers also mean you don't start each year's draft until the best (supposedly) 84 players are already off the board. That's a tad unsettling.

In the meantime, in draft order, here are your 2009 Oberkfellows:

1. Johan Santana SP
2. David Wright 3B
3. José Reyes SS
4. Miguel Cabrera 1B,3B
5. Brian McCann C
6. Manny Ramírez LF
7. Kelly Johnson 2B
8. Matt Kemp CF,RF
9. Javier Vázquez SP
10. Justin Upton RF
11. Rich Harden SP
12. Yovani Gallardo SP
13. John Danks SP
14. Frank Francisco RP
15. Lastings Milledge CF
16. Max Scherzer SP,RP
17. Travis Snider LF,RF
18. Heath Bell RP
19. Billy Butler 1B
20. Cristian Guzmán SS
21. Mike Lowell 3B
22. Brad Ziegler RP
23. Cody Ross LF,CF,RF
24. Tommy Hanson SP
25. Mike Fontenot 2B
26. Kenshin Kawakami SP
27. Dexter Fowler CF
28. Russell Branyan 3B

Themes? Mostly young with upside. Lots and lots of starters early, as that's what I had little of. Some position flexibility. Too many Braves starting pitchers for a Mets fan. A team Baseball Prospectus could love, I think.

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Blogger Mike said...

Remind me again how many teams in your league? And it's scored 4x4 or 5x5?

Just eyeballing it, looks like a pretty solid squad.

4:06 AM  
Blogger George said...

12 teams, 28 players on each squad but only 8 pitchers and 12 hitters score you points on any given day (but you can move a guy up or down up to about 10 minutes before game time).

We have a very involved scoring system that takes in pretty much everything:
AB -.5
R 1
1B 2.5
2B 3.5
3B 5.5
HR 6.5
SB 1
CS -1
BB 1
A .2
E -1.5
CYC 20
GS 1
W 6
L -4
SV 6
H -1
R -1
ER -1
BB -1
K .5
NH 20
QS 1

9:41 AM  
Anonymous Al Bonowitz said...

Looks good. Best of luck.

Sweet memories: Back in the day, I traded Matt Williams straight up for Ken Caminiti about a week before the former suffered (another) season-ending injury and the latter went on an amazing tear, single-handedly propelling the Slaab Turbos into second place. (They would have finished first if not for a disastrous late-season four-game Dodgers-Rockies series in Denver in which every game was something like 15-14 ... my team ERA went up by about a run and never recovered.)

I wish I had the time to run a fantasy team properly, although I don't miss having to root for teams and/or players I don't like.

Back to real life: How do you feel about the Mets picking up Gary Sheffield? I can't believe the Dodgers were even considering him after what he pulled in 2001. He's a cancer in my book.

10:09 AM  
Blogger George said...

Al, hiya!

Here's what I wrote as a comment on a Mets blog that liked the move:

Yes, the Mets need more outfield oomph. But no, Sheffield, once feared, is now oomphless. Baseball Prospectus has predicted a .245/.341/.415 in 2009 for him (in Detroit, so that might go up a bit thanks to moving to the NL, and who knows how Citi Field will play, but still).

Plus, he can't field anymore. Bad news for Carlos Beltran.

So they think they've fixed something, but the problem will be back when he fails by June. Sort of like Livan as the fifth starter.

I just don't like when they refuse to add the parts around the great core. The Mets seem doomed to be the 1990s Seattle Mariners of the Aughts.

10:45 PM  

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