Sunday, February 22, 2009

Glitz, Glamor, and Gallons of Beer

3:32 pm

INOTBB has done it before and now is doing it again--the anticipation, the excitement, the clever quips that no longer make sense once the moment is gone thrills of Oscar live blogging! In honor of triple threat Hugh Jackman emceeing, we might even sing the Michigan fight song. (ba-dum-bum) So stay tuned throughout the day and if nothing else learn if I get funnier the more of the growlers we drink. (Yes, this live blogging has been brought to you by Hollister Brewing!)(So, Eric, do I get some free beer now?)

5:07 pm
You know it just hit me--Frank Langella Dracula. Frank Langella Nixon.

Just had to say that.

5:29 pm
If I have to endure a whole night of Jack in the Box commercials, particularly the ongoing saga of his hospital stay, I might end the evening out breaking people's antenna if they have those stupid Jack balls on them.

5:48 pm
Good thing Amy Adams didn't win, as she was crying just from the nomination spiel. And we weren't sure if it was Goldie Hawn's dress or face that didn't fit.

6:12 pm
Dustin Lance Black. Great job. Odd that through all the silliness, someone can just pull off something real.

6:30 pm
So I was wondering, why can't someone invent a movie day after pill, so if you see something that stinks, you can just make it go away?

6:41 pm
I am watchig the Oscars with someone who doesn't know who Jessica Biel is. I'm going to claim that's refreshing.

8:08 pm
Post pizza, so sorry for the break.

I have now seen Zac Efron for more minutes than I had ever hoped to see him in my childless life.

8:22 pm
So we have a discussion about Heidi Klum v Kloom. Most of us know she's German. One person says--how do you know this? And we ask, what cave are you living in? And I say it's not the batcave as you'd be able to look things up on its computer. Then we devolve into a discussion about Plato's cave. So clearly we need more beer.

9:02 pm
Miss me? Well, that ended as much as expected, which is ok I guess. But who was that guy at the end who popped out? Some host or something?

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Blogger Cookie Jill said...

FABU party. Brad on the big HD screen is just so, like, awesome dude!

Merci, again, for hosting yet another fabulous event.

See you Wed?

10:35 PM  
Blogger Smitty said...

And we weren't sure if it was Goldie Hawn's dress or face that didn't fit.

I am still laughing.

6:38 AM  

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