Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cause I'm Not Not Not Not Not Not Your Academy

(4: 50 PM)
In an effort to lighten things up--plus we have 3 growlers full of beer to drink and the women are all at their bookclub Oscar party us men weren't invited to, a bunch of us who just happen to blog are getting together to watch the Oscars ourselves. And I will try to live blog a bit, just like last year. Because I have no new ideas, and there's no better way to celebrate the end of the writers' strike than by rehashing old ideas.

Look, I've thought Tilda Swinton was a babe and brillant actress since Orlando. And love The Deep End, which is an excellent film in its own right but reminded at least 13 people of Max Ophuls' Reckless Moment, too, which is another personal fave. But that dress Swinton is inside--wearing it doesn't seem accurate--looks like a rejected part of the Humphrey Dome outfield wall. (Woo-hoo: first dig of the evening, and it combines baseball and Hollywood!)

(4:58 PM)
Here's Kenneth Turan in today's LA Times:

Anderson, a modern cinematic visionary, is happiest when he is out on the aesthetic edge, using a ferocity of approach to involve audiences in distrubing, difficult narratives. If "There Will be Blood" were to win, it would validate the "one genius, one film" approach to moviemaking that goes at least as far back as Orson Welles and "Citizen Kane."

Except Welles didn't win the best director Oscar. And "Kane" didn't win for best film. And if "Blood" wins anything, it might be for the one genius in the film, Daniel Day-Lewis.

But otherwise I totally I agree with Turan.

(5:45 PM)
More dog blood (see entry below) and guests, so not as much attention to Stewart, who actually seemed to be funny. Which is a good thing because he is.

You do know that animated segment that opened the show and ended with a shot of Ahnold would have ended with Fred Thompson for a more national appeal, but the animated Fred was asleep....

(6:00 PM)
Marion Cotillard gets to be very happy--she might not win, but her make-up has.

(6:25 PM)
First, let's hear it for the musical numbers as they give me time to blog. Second, how do you do a "bad dreams" montage, even as a joke, and not include Jimmy Stewart waking up in Vertigo? Third, I comment, in my snooty way, that I've read the book The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, only to have Dave at the party say, "Casey Affleck gave a great performance in that book."

(6:33 PM)
So they're doing the jokes about Jerry Seinfeld as the Bee appearing in other films, and they show the clip from The Swarm. Instantly Dave at our party says, "They should have a an arrow pointing to him." Which of course they then do. So it seems Dave at our party is actually Bruce Villanch.

(6:41 PM)
So we have a huge upset, perhaps just to have Tilda Swinton's dress get airtime. It is going to be hard to top her acceptance speech--I mean she got both a butt and nipples into it.

(7:04 PM)
During the sound editing award, which we all agree we don't understand, I ask has anybody seen this when they show the clip from There Will Be Blood. None of my guests say yes, but I say, "No, I mean has anybody seen this?" As we laugh, the clip from Transformers comes on and one guest says, "I've seen that." And we all laugh again.

(7:23 PM)
Is Nicholson the only person who can say "touches the humanity" and make it sound dirty?

(7:43 PM)
Poor Penelope Cruz--something has gone and died on her bossom.

We also joke that all the awards so far seem to have been Foreign Language.

Also, be thankful I left out all the tasteless jokes when poor Robert Boyle won his award and fought his way through his speech. It is possible he was played by Julie Christie....

(8:01 PM)
No snark. Just a very classy moment, bringing back Marketa Irglova.

(8:19 PM)
How nice of Elton John to show up with his hairdo tribute to There's Something about Mary.

(9:39 PM)
So it's sort of best to leave this with an inconclusive conclusion to honor this year's best picture.



Blogger Mike said...

I'm convinced that whatever movie has the most loud, obnoxious noises wins the sound mixing & sound editing awards.

If I were ever tempted to see any of the Bourne movies, that temptation is gone.

5:16 AM  
Blogger Smitty said...

Gotta say, Mike, for ferocious action, the Bourne movies are great. Empty, but well-done action flicks. I'm a sucker for on-screen asskickings, though.

I really thought There Will Be Blood was going to win. Daniel Day Lewis is an amazing actor (though he only does something major like once every 10 years), and that movie had a lot going for it.

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Al Bonowitz said...

For that genre, the Bourne movies are top notch.

Nice that the "Once" song won, and that they gave Marketa her say.

8:01 PM  
Blogger Drew said...

What, no snark directed at Diablo Cody, the stripper with the script of gold?

12:25 PM  
Blogger George said...

the pizza arrived, so I was focused more on eating than snarking. Plus hate to get pizza sauce on the keyboard.

To be honest, the oddest thing about Cody was how normal she was on stage. Wasn't she supposed to be all cynical and too-cool-for-Oscars-school?

I do think it would have been fun if a pole rose up from the stage next to the podium, though. Then again, I wanted Dame Mirren to walk out, mysteriously pull out something she then would blow up and we'd realize it was a little balloon Oscar. And she would say, "This is for Ryan Gosling...."

12:51 PM  

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