Monday, June 16, 2008

Misspoke the Truth

Catching just a few minutes of NPR this morning, I got these wonderful reminders about the perfidy of the leaders of our country and why I wake some mornings feeling hungover even though I didn't drink the night previous. Must be from banging my head on the wall the night before in agony over a day's news.

First, I got to hear our President make this quote that Reuters also included in its report:

"The free world has an obligation to work together, in concert, to prevent the Iranians from having the know-how to develop a nuclear weapon," Bush told reporters after the Brown talks. "Now's the time to work together to get it done."

Get 'r' done. It's good to know come February 2009 we'll be able to catch W. as part of the Redneck Comedy Tour. What's worse is that he's still tossing the term "free world" around, as if he has to rattle the Cold War saber to get us all nervous and acquiescent. But of course I'm flattering my fellow (sane, non-28%) countryfolk that Bush Co. gives a rat's ass what we think.

For there's Condi Rice making a surprise visit to Lebanon (do note this is the surprise visit administration--if they made it clear they were going anywhere it wouldn't be safe to be there), and her quote, "In any compromise there's going to be compromises." The AFP was kind enough to her to present this quote as, "Obviously in any (deal) there are compromises," but that's not that audio NPR played.

That might just seem like sloppy talking, but I think it truly represents the Bush Co. world view. For what Rice was really saying was, "There shouldn't be compromises, there should be everyone bending to our will."

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Only 6 1/2 more months...we can make it...

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