Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"I'm Not Saying It Was Stolen; I'm Just Saying You Can't Tell Me It Wasn't"

If you've got a spare hour, watch this. If you don't have a spare hour, make one. It's very depressing on one hand, but as Mark Crispin Miller admits, there is a happy ending, "We the people did not vote for this guy." Plus we get a twelve step program to fix the electoral mess we're in. Plus you get a John Kerry impersonation and a line like, "We're all addicted to the horse race and the horse race is fixed."

I haven't read Miller's books on election fraud, but his Boxed In is still one of the most incisive examples of television criticism and an elegant lesson in what close criticism can accomplish. Not to mention he was a teacher of mine at Hopkins, where he turned me on to Hitchcock, Kubrick, Peckinpah, and also Horkheimer and Adorno. Although their movies weren't as entertaining.



Blogger Heather said...

Very interesting watch -- thanks for sending it along. Meanwhile, the introducer committed my pet peeve, confusing republic with democracy. The US of A is no republic -- we are a representative democracy, and there is no need to confuse the two terms. That just irks me. The rest was definitely important to hear and didn't curdle my ears quite as much. :)

10:31 AM  
Blogger MCM said...

Hey, George, 1,000 thanks for posting this!

Please post a link to News from Underground (——and PLEASE get in touch with me. (You can do it through that site.)


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