Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Moan-ah in Sedona

ABC-TV has announced a new reality show:

John McCain - The First Presidential Candidate "Bachelor" - Sexes Up Sedona to Find True Vice Presidential Love, When The Bachelor Returns to ABC

New Bachelor Heartthrob Loves The Surge and All It Has to Offer, But Is Crazy about American, that is Republican, Politicians

McCain, the 72-year-old blue-eyed Maverick from Arizona, seeks the perfect running mate. His fondest dream is to share stories and a laugh with someone special at the end of the day after ignoring a Democratically controlled Congress, and his sexy good looks, intelligence, and wealth from his wife Cindy make him a perfect catch. The enterprising match might also consider that while McCain's a hale and hearty hiker, he also would be the oldest man ever elected president.

Among those hoping to win McCain's favors are Florida Gov. Charlie "Ruth's" Crist, Louisiana Gov. Bobby "Never Worked the Quickie Mart" Jindal, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt "CD-" Romney, a McCain rival in the primary, and Sens. Joe "AKA Zell" Lieberman, an independent from Connecticut, and Lindsey " Don't Call Me Cracker" Graham, R-S.C. Which suitor McCain will choose is anyone's guess, as each man has something special to offer. That's what will make this programming so much fun.

Will McCain choose one of the Southern belles to take to the inaugural ball? Will Mitt lure him with his perfect hair and now less than perfect wealth?

And is it true that the series might have a surprise appearance by President George W. Bush, coming to claim Joe Lieberman for himself--after all Bush kissed him first?

McCain says, "That is the kind of devotion I'm looking for, although since Lieberman is Jewish, I'm not sure he's had enough experience on his knees."

ABC also is alerting all affiliates that the show will be on 7 second delay in case McCain likes any suitor so much he calls them the c--- word. That said, McCain insists he saves special sobriquets like that one for women.

Only time, and TV, will tell.

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Blogger Regina said...

"John McCain... Sexes Up Sedona..."

ummm... THOSE are words that don't belong together

Of course I had to read on, but I literally squinted when I started reading. You know, like when watching a horror movie and the big slasher scene comes on... that "I can't watch but can't look away" fashion.

9:50 AM  
Blogger Smitty said...

ANother blockbuster, George. There are some days I admire what's in your head.

This, however, is one of those days where I fear it! :)

11:42 AM  

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