Wednesday, March 12, 2008

McCain, Self-Admittedly Doesn't Known Economics, Admits Adding Up Numbers to Victory Too Hard

Today's Boston Globe features a story that says:

McCain's accessible style stands him apart from the two remaining Democratic candidates, who reach voters primarily through large rallies where they do not regularly interact with people. Yesterday, Hillary Clinton appeared at an Art Deco concert hall here with 1,763 seats for symphony performances, and at a Philadelphia university athletic facility that can hold nearly 4,000. On Monday, Obama appeared in Mississippi before crowds of 1,700 and 8,500, according to estimates provided by his campaign.

McCain's audiences typically number in the hundreds, evidence of a disparity between the parties in both voter enthusiasm and the resources necessary to hire the field organizers who help build crowds. Yet McCain has tried to elevate his style of direct, intimate communication into a test of character that will distinguish him from a future Democratic rival.

"Americans aren't interested in an election where they are just talked to and not listened to; an election that offers platitudes instead of principles and insults instead of ideas," he told supporters in Dallas after winning the Texas primary on March 4 - and enough delegates to assure him the nomination.

"After all, George Bush managed to convince just 5 voter in 2000 to vote for him and he won the election," McCain explained. "You don't really need the most voters, you just need the most important ones. Luckily, Vice President Cheney has promised to take me hunting with Antonin Scalia, so I should be just fine. The last thing this country needs is majority rule. If that happened, how would the rich survive?"

(hat tip for the story to IIRTZ)

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