Thursday, March 06, 2008

Have You Driven a Commissioner Lately?

It's not every week that I could give a Frick, so I guess I can't pass up the chance. For it seems March 7 is the 33rd anniversary of then baseball commissioner Ford Frick claiming he favored legalization of the spitball. (Yes, it's a slow news day. I could try to make a joke about how I want to wish Willard Scott a happy birthday--you're only 26 years away from wishing yourself a big Today Show HB!--but that's not really funny.) Of course, making this claim was easy for Frick as he wasn't a catcher or Ray Chapman (hope that joke isn't too soon, Chapman family, or too old, everyone else). Still, you have to feel for Frick, as the commish before him was named Happy Chandler, and it's hard to come after happy, especially when your name rhymes with prick and dick and your first name is a car whose last name is Edsel. And be thankful I did not make the joke: of course Frick had to legalize the spitter, as he legalized the swallow the year prior. That joke would just suck.



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