Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Random Ten

Rockpile "Teacher Teacher" Seconds of Pleasure
California Guitar Trio "Prelude Circulation" Invitation
The Fratellis "Got My Nuts from a Hippy" Costello Music
Guided by Voices "Run Wild" Isolation Drills
Tom Waits "Hang Down Your Head" Rain Dogs
Sebadoh "Worst Thing" Harmacy
Lucinda Williams "Learning How to Live" West
Amy Rigby "Stop Showing up in My Dreams" The Sugar Tree
Rain Tree Crow "Cries and Whispers" Rain Tree Crow
Bill Nelson "Spinnin' Around" Blue Moons and Laughing Guitars

Freedy Johnston "I Can Hear the Laughs" This Perfect World

It starts off well and never totally bombs out but rarely reaches the same pop height. But it does follow David Sylvian and Co. with Bill Nelson, which is sort of clever, and gets in an Ingmar Bergman reference in, too.

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Blogger ahab said...

The American Analog Set, "Magnificent Seventies" From Our Living Room to Yours
Nicolai Dunger, "All the Love, Days and Tears" Soul Rush
Pavement, "Fillmore Jive" Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
OP8, "If I Think of Love" Slush
Jim White, "Static On the Radio" Drill a Hole in that Substrate and Tell Me What You See
Devendra Banhart, "Santa Maria Da Feira" Cripple Crow
The Flying Burrito Brothers, "Cody, Cody" Sacred Hearts and Fallen Angels
Nicolai Dunger, "Songbegging" This Cloud is Learning
Johnny Dowd, "Just Like a Dog" Wrong Side of Memphis
Lou Barlow, "Queen of the Scene" Another Collection of Home Recordings

Bonus: Friends of Dean Martinez, "Summertime" A Place in the Sun

Sort of a lackluster list from me this week. The Dungers, the Pavement, the Barlow and Banhart are all okay, the Lisa Germano song is good, but overall it's kind of blah. Guess it matches the gray day here.

11:18 AM  
Blogger Marty said...

Califone, "1/4 Horses," Everybody's Mother
(Smog), "Held," Knock Knock
Guided by Voices, "Apology in Advance," Earthquake Glue
Pretty Girls Make Graves, "A Certain Cemetary," The New Romance,
Yo La Tengo, "Season of the Shark," Prisoner of Love
Drive by Truckers, "Zip City" and "Southern Think" Southern Rock Opera
Guided by Voices, "(I'll Name You) The Flame that Cries," I am a Tree
Drag the River, "Caloused Heart," Closed
Rilo Kiley, "So Long," The Execution of All Things

Bonus: Stephen Malkmus, "Animal Midnight," Pig Lib

I don't know. Shuffle seems to like that Everybody's Mother album. I like it too, and maybe that's why. I'm also trying to figure out how to deal with the loss of about 1200 songs downloaded from a music service (testing for the U. Lots of Sonic Youth, Bowie, new stuff and very old stuff that duplicated some of my vinyl stuff) that suddenly won't play anymore. Dang.

2:04 PM  
Blogger George said...

Ahab--I don't have any Friends of Dean Martinez but have seen them live a bunch of times and I like their "Summertime" cover--it's one of those indestructible songs.

Marty--sorry about that lost music. That sucks.

2:33 PM  
Blogger ahab said...

Friends of Dean Martinez are interesting, their albums are all over the place. They sound like a completely different band from album to album. I've never seen them live, unfortunately. You're lucky, George, living in civilization as you do.

How about Gelb's Band of Blacky Ranchette, are you familiar with them? They change heavily between albums too. And you probably have the OP8 album, right?

Marty, the Apple shuffle feature is very quirky, in my experience. George will probably yell at me if I admit that I ignore songs it gives me practically weekly from a particular 3-album set. So I won't admit it.

Sorry about your music loss, too. Heartbreaking, that. I'm still hurting from the loss of Party Shuffle functionality, but at least I didn't lose any music.

Lee Hazlewood died this week. A rock-n-roll genius. RIP, Lee, and thank you thank you thank you. And thank you again.

4:27 AM  

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