Monday, May 07, 2007

I Don't Care If He's Batting .323

In lieu of something new, a quick baseball observation. On Sunday the Giants opted to bring up their prize pitching prospect Tim Lincecum, who learned it's easier to get AAA players out than major leaguers, even Phillies. Young pitchers will break your heart (or their hammies--right Yankee fans?). Of course, I have both Lincecum and Hughes on my fantasy team, cause I like 'em young, but that's not why I'm bitter.

It's that Bruce Bochy and the needing-a-rest Barry Bonds opted to sit Bonds on Sunday. Take a look at the Giants' line-up. Batting fifth--Bengie Molina. If I were a 22 year-old making my first start in the Bigs, I might give-up, too.

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Blogger George said...

Of course I do know that Bengie hit two homers--in one inning--against the Mets last night. But that doesn't make him good; it just makes him part of the Brotherhood of Molinas Conspiracy to kill the Mets. (See F---ing Yadier.)

8:50 AM  

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