Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Random Ten

Victoria Williams "Lift Him Up" Swing the Statue
Radiohead "The National Anthem" I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings
Pixies "Ed Is Dead" Surfer Rosa & Come on Pilgrim
The Pooh Sticks "Indiepop Ain't Noise Pollution" Multiple Orgasm
Matthew Sweet "Born in Sin" The Ugly Truth CD-5
Marc Ribot "Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground" The Soul of a Man
Pavement "Major Leagues" Terror Twilight
Simon & Garfunkel "Anji" Sounds of Silence
Matthew Sweet "Heaven and Earth" Blue Sky on Mars
3Ds "Outer Space" Hellzapoppin

Laura Love "Can't Understand" Octoroon

It's like iTunes is challenging me some weeks--did you know you owned this? (The Simon & Garfunkel is Amy's, btw.) Still, it's always good to be surprised by a Multiple Orgasm. And that's the only good, actually pretty great, song on that 3Ds album. Plus the Victoria Williams to Laura Love cycle makes some sense I've never thought of before.

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Blogger Smitty said...

Here's what I left on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Nachos:

1) Aaron Copeland: Billy the Kid - Rodeo. Ah, the "'s What's for Dinner" song. An awesome piece of modern ballet ruined by a marketing campaign. 6/10.

2) Sleep Town - The Verve Pipe. I hate the Verve Pipe. Pretentious college pop at its worst. 1/10.

3) Tired of My Tears - Susan Tedeschi. I love her voice, I love her guitar, and this whole CD (Hope and Desire) is full of really cool, seldom-played blues and R&B classics. 8/10.

4) Professor Nutbutter's House Of Treats - Primus. As much as I try, I don't quite get these guys. 6/10, for creativity if nothing else.

5) Rain When I Die - AIC. Off of Dirt, I think it is one of the weaker songs on the CD overall, but still decent writing. 6/10.

6) Drag the Waters - Pantera. You know, their last great CD was Far Beyond Driven. The Great Southrn Trendkill, which this was off of, just felt a little contrived. They tried really hard to be crunchy and awesome, instead of it just happening. I still like it OK, it's just not their best. 6/10.

7) Elegy - As I Lay Dying. I really dig this band. And this song has a riff right in the middle that melted my face off the first time I heard it. 8/10.

8) Davidian - Machine Head. Machine Head always seemed a bit of a Pantera knockoff to me, riding the success of that sound. But they're not a bad thrash band overall. 7/10.

9) Whiskey in the Jar - The Clancy Brothers. Great Irish drinking song. The guy steals some money, takes it home to his wife, who then double-crosses him and has him arrested. Bitch. No wonder he demands whiskey in the jar. 7/10.

10) The Spirit of Radio - Rush. Enough said (if a tad overplayed on the radio itself, in a bit of irony). 8/10.

6.3 average this week. While not a failure, certainly only barely passable.

1:17 PM  
Blogger George said...

Hiya, Smitty. Yeah, I've stopped trying to rate the cuts, as iTunes is so eager to pick oddballs. I think I would average 5 every week....

1:42 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

"Ed Is Dead" Always cool when early Pixies come by.

And my I-pod is being shipped. I may get a FRT up next week . . . assuming I load any CDs in time.

7:11 AM  

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