Monday, March 19, 2007

You Don't Bring Iraq Flowers, Anymore

The LA Times reports:

President Bush, marking the fourth anniversary of the Iraq War, pleaded for patience, saying "there will be good days and bad days ahead."

He went on to say, "Good days for me and my friends who aren't in Iraq and don't have relatives in Iraq. Bad days for others, but I don't know them. Those people can hold out for January 20, 2009. That will be a good day for them. Heh-heh. If I haven't had Freddo Gonzales suspend what's left of the Constitution by then. You don't really think I'm going to have him resign now, do you? He's done everything I've wanted."

He also chided Congress for loading up the war-spending bill with other features, like agricultural disaster relief funds. "They have a responsibility to pass a clean bill that does not use funding for our troops as leverage to get special interest spending for their districts," Bush said of Congress.

"I mean, the Republicans never did such a thing when we were the majority. We wouldn't put Alaskan oil drilling in a defense appropriations bill, for instance. Oh, ok, we did, but at least we had a real majority and didn't have to suck up to Lieberman to get our way. He just does what we want naturally."

Bush noted that his so-called surge of additional troops to Baghdad and the troubled Anwar province is "still in its early stages," and acknowledged that "success will take months, not days or weeks." But, after a morning briefing by U.S. military officials and Iraqi leaders on secure television from Baghdad, the president said "those on the ground are seeing some hopeful signs."

"You can't expect us to fix four years in a few days--it takes about two years to fix a year, but if any part of something goes wrong in that two years, that has to be corrected, too. After all, we've only led to the deaths of 1 in 5 Iraqis so far in four years, so we've got a couple of decades to weed out all the problems."

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Anonymous Tessitura said...

The stuff in green is what you wrote and the black font color is what bush really said right george? do you think this will be over before I die?

WV: try #1) call sign from the year 3017 (if there is a year like that)

10:26 AM  
Blogger George said...

I don't know, anymore. (I guess that's the answer to both of your questions.)

10:51 AM  

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