Thursday, November 09, 2006

Norway, Jose!

The AP reports:

The United Nations ranked Norway as the best country to live in for a sixth consecutive year Thursday, prompting the country's aid minister to tell Norwegians to stop whining about wanting more.

True, the BCS has Norway ranked behind Louisville, at least until tonight's clash with Rutgers....Seriously, you may ask, what makes a country close to the Arctic Circle the best place to live?

Oil-rich Norway, with its generous welfare state, topped the U.N. Development Program's human development index, based on such criteria as life expectancy, education and income. Iceland was No. 2, followed by Australia, Ireland, Sweden, Canada, Japan and the United States.

We're number 8! We're number 8! Of course, who wants to believe a list compiled by the UN anyway? They're just ranking us so low so they can complete the take-over, which will be even easier now that the appeasement-minded Democrats rule both the House and Senate (go Jim Webb!). I mean, will the Dems surrender to the UN or Bin Laden first?

It could be worse for the U.S., for the story concludes:

The report was unable to rank 17 countries, such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia, because there was insufficient data.

Yeah, you keep trying to track life expectancy and then people go and die on you. Makes stat-keeping mighty hard.


Anonymous Mike said...

That title may be the most groan-worthy pun I've seen all year.

Fine, fine work, George. Congrats. And now . . . your reward:


5:03 AM  

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