Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Mehlman Wrongs Once

I'm not sure why everyone else has passed on this one, but wtf was up with Ken Mehlman last night when he got all excited on Wolf Blitzer (now, now) and insisted that we hadn't heard the last of Michael Steele's senatorial challenge in Maryland, no matter what was predicted?

It turns out Maryland doesn't count its absentee ballots until Thursday. That means Steele only has to make up 164K votes. I didn't realize there were that many absentee voters in Maryland, let alone all of them Republicans. I mean, it's a teensy state--even if you left it to go to Delaware or something, you should be able to get back in time to vote.

As for Mehlman, he was just probably sad that his big attempt to make people think a politician's skin color is enough to get him votes failed. If it's any consolation, that didn't seem to work well for Ford and the Dems in Tennessee, either.


Anonymous Mike said...

Watching Mehlman lie, twitch and contort himself (along with the truth) the other night was both horrifying and spectacular.

He lies more than Tony Snow, which seems nearly impossible.

5:32 AM  

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