Thursday, November 16, 2006

Charleston Eschews Non-Married Nudes

Maybe it's all those years playing bottom to North Carolina, or maybe it's from being home to Bob Jones University (that goes by the acronym BJU, while denying anyone BJs), but South Carolina has got it bad--turns out it's a crime to fornicate there. Sure, that might have been a way to slow down good old Sperm Thurmond back in the day, but the law is still on the books: unmarried men and women can't have sex.

The AP reports, "The flames of passion cost a former firefighter $200 after he and his then-girlfriend had sex in upscale house that was still under construction. Former Hanahan firefighter Paul Joseph Sloan, 25, pleaded guilty Tuesday to a single charge of unlawful entry into an enclosed place."

My question is how can the law be so sure Sloan only entered the enclosed place once? Of course, the crime is just a misdemeanor--having sex with a married woman is a missusdemeanor, after all.


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