Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Name Is Potty Mouth

Line of the evening by Steve Earle, during a fine solo show that proves he's a better lyricist than songwriter--he has about 5 tunes ("Christmas in Washington" is "Ellis Unit One," for instance), although they're awfully good tunes. He's finishing up his catchy sing-along "Fuck the FCC" and says:

Sorry for any of you who brought the kids tonight, but would you rather they learn to curse from me or Dick Cheney?


Blogger DBD said...

Damn! I forgot about this show. I've seen him before, and he always puts on a great one. I suspect there's some truth in your assessment of melody similarities...luckily, it's a great melody.

Fantastic line about Cheney, too. The last time I saw him, some guy in the audience was heckling him for talking about the death penalty, and Earle finally said "Hey Asshole. Give me five fuckin' minutes out of this whole show to talk about this!"

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