Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday Random Ten

Amy's super nice husband got her an iPod for her birthday, so we've been downloading the CD collection around the clock and are up to 2600 songs and 6.5 day of music (and on the seventh day God played John Cage's "4:33"). That means I get to do my first Random Ten, just in time for everyone to wonder why they're doing them. Here I am, in time to kill off the meme. It doesn't help that the darn machine got repeat artist happy, but I guess that is an essential feature of randomness--sometimes the same thing happens (like the Mets lose).

Gang of Four "I Love a Man in Uniform"
Wilco "Monday"
Elvis Costello & Steve Nieve "My Dark Life" (live)
Magnetic Fields "Grand Canyon"
Perez Prado Orchestra "Mambo No. 5"
Magnetic Fields "I Was Born"
Wilco "Summer Teeth"
The Jackson 5 "Forever Came Today"
Elvis Costello and the Attractions "Shabby Doll"
Talking Heads "Sax and Violins"

bonus: Talking Heads "Air"


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