Thursday, October 19, 2006

Warning--Scary Image Below!

You have to check out the columnist archive page at the News-Press. Either evil Teamster hackers got in, temporarily distracted from their international plot to sap our precious bodily fluids and end slow-growth on the South Coast and make life miserable for millionaire newspaper owners, or someone at the paper has a good sense of humor (which, I hope, makes up for not having a job soon):

"Dr" Laura

(BTW, doesn't the headshot make her look like a character from Sim Family?)


Anonymous Mike said...

Good god, man!

2:31 PM  
Blogger lolita said...

Little known irony now blazed in Santa Barbara pop history. Girlfriends, Wendy&Laura share anniversary time. Yes, it was 8 years ago Mother Laura! 1st lied about her nudies when they were posted by

6:49 PM  

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