Friday, September 22, 2006

He's Got an E-Ticket to Ride

Great observation by Jim Baker over at Baseball Prospectus today (but it's in the pay-for-play premium section, which everyone should subscribe to, anyway):

The Pirates continue to cut a wide swath across the land. Milwaukee, New York, Los Angeles--all have felt the cool steel of the Buccaneer cutlass emptying their entrails onto the blood-slicked… Sorry, just a bit of hyperbole left over from Talk Like a Pirate Day. (Something that occurred to me a long time ago when I found myself in Disney World on the decidedly joyful Pirates of the Caribbean ride: will the passage of time allow our distant descendants to make equal innocent fun of the evil doers of the 20th Century? Will 24th Century theme parks have rides that feature SS death squads cavorting about? Will September 19, 2306 be designated "Talk Like a Terrorist Day"?)

Frankly, I'm hoping it's in my lifetime we can laugh on Blabber Like a Bush Day. There's no misunderestimating the joy that will be had when everyone says "nucular" years after the last nuke was decommissioned.

Hey, it's Friday, and I'm feeling ridiculously optimistic.


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