Thursday, September 21, 2006

Jackie, Dressed in Nothing

During my regular morning reading of the Shanghai Daily I come across this entertainment tidbit:

Kung Fu film star Jackie Chan yesterday admitted that he acted in a porn movie 31 years ago, responding to a report revealed by Hong Kong media, Information Times reported today.


Hong Kong netizens tipped local media that Chan was in the porn movie All in the Family in 1975, with a porn movie star who was famous at that time.

The Hong Kong made movie, directed by Zhu Mu, was defined as a comedy. Dean Shek, Tien Chun, and Sammo Hung were also co-stars.

First, thank god that the film starred someone with the name Hung. Second, there's nothing scarier than imagining a porn version of All in the Family, is there? Third, later in the article Chan admits that while starring in this film he decided it would be important for him to do his own stunts. Fourth, here's a description of the porn-comedy All in the Family: "It's just after the first money shot that two young lovers find out they're actually brother and sister! Hijinks ensue."


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