Thursday, May 11, 2006

Can You Do It Dali?

Since today would be the 102nd birthday of Salvador Dali, it seems fitting to pay him tribute, and to give one of his lesser known works a big hand. Ladies and gentlemen, I present unto you The Great Masturbator. (That's the image above--don't worry, it might be great but it's not big, at least the file isn't.) Of course any such painting has to be a self-portrait, and that is his long-time wife and muse Gala popping out of his head, which now sounds grosser than even I intended it to be, and makes the myth of the creation of Athena a drity dirty thing to teach to schoolchildren. The real question is, why the locust? It bugs me, trying to figure it out, and VH-1 never explained on the Surreal Life.

Oh, and a small piece of advice: if you're going to be a masturbator, be a great one. I mean, it is sex with someone you love, isn't it? (Thanks, Woody.) (Allen, folks, that's a Woody Allen joke.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently Salvador Dali had an irrational fear of locusts. The image of the insects is meant to represent some kind of decay which he tended to associate with sex due to the "education" he received from his father. Uh, I did not mean that to sound quite so sick! What I meant was that Salvador Dali was given a book showing untreated venereal diseases by his Dad which thereafter meant he closely associated sex with decay. Hope this helps answer your question, Hannah

3:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

p.s. i really hope that vh-1 isnt the contributer to all of your art history knowledge!!

4:01 AM  

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