Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Activist Judges--Energize!

Get ready for the blatherings of the right (in name only)--a judge just struck down Georgia's attempt to ban gay marriages. The AP reports:

A judge has struck down Georgia's ban on same-sex marriages, saying a measure overwhelmingly approved by voters in 2004 violated a provision of the state constitution that limits ballot questions to a single subject.

The ruling by Fulton County Superior Court Judge Constance C. Russell had been eagerly awaited by gay-rights supporters who filed the court challenge in November 2004, soon after the constitutional ban was approved.

Russell said the state's voters must first decide whether same-sex relationships should have any legal status before they can be asked to decide whether same-sex marriages should be banned.


Gov. Sonny Perdue said the decision ran counter to the voice of Georgia voters in defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

"The people of Georgia knew exactly what they were doing when an overwhelming 76 percent voted in support of this constitutional amendment," he said. "It is sad that a single judge has chosen to reverse this decision."

Yep, it's such a bitch when one single judge can change the will of the people.

As for you, Gov. Sonny Perdue, I guess you have to flap your arms about and puff up and act manly when your first name is a diminutive and your last name is a chicken's.

I also can't wait for someone to say Judge Russell is ignoring the will of the people on a technicality. Geez, it's a pity that the way our laws are written can be so technical. If the people so eager to get anti-gay marriage bills onto ballots could learn to craft a well-written proposition, then maybe they wouldn't have had such problems. Good thing their hate blinds them from being smart. Or maybe that's the other way around.


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