Tuesday, April 18, 2006

When It Rains, He Snores

According to Wired magazine, the #1 most likely and truly disastrous natural disaster to befall the U.S. will be:

Levee Failure in the Sacramento Delta
Next to New Orleans, the capital of California is more dependent on levees than any other US city. Built on the banks of a river, most of Sacramento is 15 to 20 feet below water level. According to UC Davis geologist Jeffrey Mount, there's a better-than-even chance that the levees will fail by midcentury, jeopardizing the water supply of 22 million Americans.
Likelihood: High. 66 percent in the next 50 years.
People affected: 22 million

It seems Gov. Schwarzenegger and Pres. Bush will meet in California to discuss things before Bush has down time in Napa Valley (a perfect place for an ex-drunk to relax, if you ask me, but that's a different post). According to the AP:

White House and Schwarzenegger administration officials said they did not expect Bush to bring an answer to the governor's February request for an unusual federal disaster declaration for the California levees.

The request is still actively being considered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, said one White House official, speaking Tuesday on condition of anonymity because he did not want to publicly step out ahead of the negotiations.

President Bush said, "Besides, I haven't seen any tv news footage of things bad in Sacramento yet. No one's told me the levees could be a problem. Why should we do anything yet?"

People in New Orleans said, "Yet?"


Blogger George said...

Yes, I dislike Bush so much that he leads me to say good things about the Gropinator.

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