Tuesday, March 14, 2006

God Save the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Cuz Tourists Are Money)

Having a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame seems like having a Best Sex of Your Life Scrapbook--some things are best left to memory and don't need memorializing, let alone to be institutionalized (unless you've been doing it with Colin Farrell and need to make a quick buck). Cleveland has to have something, I guess. (No, not a romp with Colin Farrell, the Museum, silly.)

That said, it's always fun to see how the rockers roll into the Waldorf each year for the presentation ceremony, for if anything says headbanging, it's the place where Bobby Short tickled the ivories for decades. Reuters reports:

Living up to their reputation for thumbing their nose at the establishment, the Sex Pistols snubbed the ceremony.

Still remembered for outraging British society with such nihilistic anthems as "Anarchy in the U.K.," the punk rockers faxed a letter to organizers saying: "We're not your monkey."

"Next to the Sex Pistols, Rock and Roll and that hall of fame is a piss stain," said the letter which was read out by Hall of Fame vice president Jann Wenner.

Beyond learning Wenner can still read after grinding his once important magazine Rolling Stone into the ground is a kick, of course, but not as much as the news that Malcolm McLaren showed up to accept the award for the Pistols, claiming, "I guess this means I'm not getting one for Bow Wow Wow."

Further down the article--way further down, after even Ozzy Osborne's last petering-putter of his second fifteen minutes of fame (the world is a meritocracy my ass)--we also learn:

Trumpeter Herb Alpert and business partner Jerry Moss, the founders of A&M Records, were inducted as nonperformers.

Which just confirms what hundreds of jazzheads said for all those years before Kenny G was a twinkle in their derisive eyes. Even giving Alpert massive credit for the album cover that awakened more young men's sexual stirrings than anything this side of Julie Newmar in that Catwoman suit. Life was much simpler before the internets offered us naked nubiles around every cyber-corner.


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