Monday, January 02, 2006

Getting Real

It's not even yet on the air, but we just know that Fox's Skating with Celebrities (subtitled: We Know Enough Not to Call them Stars, C'mon "They" Had a Bit Player from Seinfield and an ex-Playmate?) will triple lutz into America's hearts blade-first. So, it's time to offer our own ways to put lovable C-grade stars, who kindly ask for a lot less money, back on TV and into outrageous situations viewers won't want to miss!

Trash Talking with the, uh, Stars
Narrated by the ghost of Scatman Crothers, this show hilariously pairs faces you've seen on TV at least once with real people who work as sanitation engineers. This show will surely clean-up the Nielsen's! Stars include Ron Artest, some woman who played a bad witch on an episode of Charmed (yeah, like Shannen Doherty was "busy") and Alex Trebek, who, by the way, is looking for a new agent. Back up the truck right here for all the awards this one will haul away!

Welding with a Meld of People with a Talent for It and People with No Discernible Talent at All
OK, the title needs work, but there's a real spark to this series. Episodes will include "Determining the Fatigue Strength of Welds in Marine Structures," "Finite Element Modeling of Complex Welded Structures," and the special blur-a-vision episode "Damn, They Meant It When They Said Wear Safety Glasses." Stars include Rachel Ray trying to branch out after appearing on every Food Network show, Pauly Shore doing his best work since Bio-Dome, and the indomitable Estelle "Stop Or My Mom Will Weld" Getty.

That's Not a Dental Hygienist, That's My Crush I'm Embarrassed to Admit to From When I Was a Pimply-Faced 14-Year-Old!
They're all here -- Lauren Tewes from Love Boat, Susan Dey from The Partridge Family (we made her remove LA Law from her resume as it both ruins the conceit of the show and makes her too expensive), Pamela Sue Martin from The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries, Daphne from Scooby-Doo (the animated one) -- and in your face, or should we say, your mouth! You'll feel like rinsing after an hour of non-stop toothy hijinks.

Are You Ready for Some Operation Iraqi Freedom?!
Pat Tillman, Arizona Cardinals football player, gives up his multi-million dollar contract to do what he feels is right and stand-up for his country even though he reads things like Noam Chomsky (who, don't worry, we won't allow on the program--all that thinking is booorrring). Brilliant montages better than even the most life-like computer game mix the thrill of vicious NFL hits and wild firefights in Iraq and Afghanistan. In a crazy mix-up that's just oh-so wacky, Tillman will get killed. By his own troops, but it's an accident. Just like the Pentagon waiting a few weeks or five to tell his parents he was killed in friendly fire. Meanwhile, George W. Bush, kind of the Paris Hilton of Presidents (why is this person on TV so much, we all wonder?), who never fought in a war, gets to use Tillman's death as proof war is noble and its fighters gallant. OK, no one would buy this show as reality for a second.


Anonymous he who is known as sefton said...

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