Thursday, December 29, 2005

Fight Fire with Fireworks

Sitting here in California it's kind of odd to read about huge fires in other states, especially Red ones like Texas and Oklahoma. I mean, any good Christian like Pat Robertson could tell you that California is the land of fires, earthquakes, mudslides and the Scientology Center on Melrose because we've turned our backs on the one true God who wants us to teach intelligent design, hate gays and vote for Republican presidential candidates. But when the righteous Texas burns, well, it just doesn't seem like we live in a just world ruled by that intelligent deisgner, does it?

As of Tuesday, it's clear that Texas was doing all it could to stop the fires. Without stomping on folks' rights, of course. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported:

[Parker] county extended its ban on outdoor burning until Feb. 27. The ban does not include fireworks, but Parker County Judge Mark Riley urged vendors not to sell missiles with fins and skyrockets with sticks.

After all, how could you welcome 2006 without a missile with fins? It's just not the new year without that sweet whistling sound that precedes the big ass boom.

Alas, that was Tuesday, and with fires still raging, stricter rules are being set. NPR this morning reported a ban on all fireworks. Instead, Texas state officials urged merry-makers on Saturday night just to fire their pistols skyward.


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