Friday, December 09, 2005

Good Thing King Tut Is in Ft. Lauderdale Or Egypt Would Be Next

Today's Multiple Choice Quiz

We have invaded a sovereign nation, killed 100,000 Iraqis, 2100 Americans, and created a new haven and training ground for terrorists in order to:

a) Save the world from Iraq's WMDs and keep a smoking gun from turning into a mushroom cloud
b) Punish Iraq for training Al Qaida members
c) Eliminate a vicious and ruthless dictator
d) Spread democracy in the Middle East like slathering butter on a croissant
e) Save priceless antiquities, because W. turns out to have an art history minor from Yale

That's right, the correct answer is (e). Thanks to the mightily left-leaning NPR, we now know that all the bloodshed, all the terror we have caused in Iraq, all the payback terror around the world, it was and is and will be completely and totally worth it. After all, as the nearly breathless Matthew Bogdanos--who just happens to be hyping a book he wrote--will emotively tell you, a bunch of soldiers got to hold the Clay Pot from Tell Hassuna and have their pictures taken. Just further proof of the liberal nature of the press that thinks these photos are worth publishing instead of marines craddling a jar that took dominion everywhere.


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