Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A&G Off to France--Day Seven (Part 1 of 3)

(Author's note: This entry is the seventh of two weeks of daily entries about our trip to Provence.)

22 October 2005

This terrific warning sign should prepare you for all the photos I hope Blogger will let me post from this date, as it's the one we drove along the Gorges du Verdon (not to be confused with the Gwen Verdon), which is the Grand Canyon of France, if not as big as America's Grand Canyon, cause everything in the U.S. is bigger and if you have something more of something like, oh, oil, let's say, we will come liberate it, uh, you. Amy and I do head back into Moustiers for one last quick poke around because it's too cute to leave too quickly. Heck, I would just stare out the window at La Ferme Rose for days (or until the wine, or the terrific fresh-from-the-dairy yogurt they serve, ran out).
We did not walk up to the chapel again, not that we're lazy, mind you, but because going up there the day before made it rain, and although we are not religious, we are superstitious.

Day Seven will continue in a new entry, so Blogger keeps letting me post photos....


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