Thursday, June 30, 2005


There's that old joke about what a PhD student does to procrastinate writing the dreaded thesis: When in doubt, read another book. Out here on the internets it's even easier to do little, for all you have to do is follow another link. And to help you link more right from INOTBB, I've added three new links for your viewing pleasure. Today's Front Pages from the Newseum (which sounds a bit too close to nausea to me, but what do I know) let's you see not just the headlines but the actual front pages from papers down your block and around the world. Very cool just as web design, let alone as a research tool and very helpful time waster. Then there's two blogs I've been reading by following through others' links, so I thought I'd cut out the middle blog and stand up proud and offer my allegiance to Firedoglake and RubberNun (although that animated gif is a bit too creepy for this boy who survived Catholic school).


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