Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Someone's Looking at You (Woa-oh, Uh-oh)

So I went in for a colonoscopy the other day but my doctor said I didn't have to bother since they got the pics they needed from a video camera at the stoplight down the street.

Seriously, this weekend the AP ran this oh-so-matter-of-fact and balanced story "Surveillance Cameras Reduce Private Space," in which we learn that anything we give up in privacy is made up for in security. Not surprisingly one of the strongest defenses of surveillances cameras comes from the right (after all, it is conservatives who want to keep government out of our lives, unless we're pregnant, dying, poor or otherwise not a task force run by Dick Cheney):

Paul Rosenzweig, senior legal research fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation, said today's world demands that people be more open to the use of cameras.

"You can't sweep back the tide of technological development and you can't blink your eyes to necessity," he said. "We are in a changed circumstance today. For us, September 11 brings it home."

Yep, cause if we only had video cameras shooting footage of the 19 hijackers on 9/11, none of that tragedy would have happened.


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