Tuesday, April 12, 2005

JP More Gone?

A UPI report makes the following claims about the second most famous death of the past month (in Terry we Trust):

The Vatican has compiled a list of reported miracles that occurred during the lifetime of the late Pope John Paul II, The Telegraph reported Monday.


The reports appear timed to expedite the beatification of the late pontiff. However, rules for consideration of sainthood specify miracles must occur after the nominee's death. Also, five years must pass after a candidate's death before beatification will be considered, but John Paul waived that stipulation for Mother Teresa.

Unfortunately this report was quickly followed by this stinging claim, "Pope bets on the endings of his own masses. It seems in the last years of his life, Pope John Paul II frequently placed bets with bookie 'Vatican Vic' Del Religioso about whether he could stay awake until the end of masses that he himself officiated. To make matters worse, several Vatican altar boys (none of whom have spent time at Neverland Ranch, at least), insist they saw JP II take swigs from the wine before mass in an effort to intoxicate himself."

Peter Rosso, lawayer for the Pope, said his client had no comment.


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