Friday, April 22, 2005

One Strike and You're In

A bit of good news from my union, UPTE, about the strike I supported last week....

After a marathon bargaining session beginning the Monday morning after last Thursday's one-day strike, the AFSCME service workers have tentatively agreed to a contract that provides raises that address the poverty wages of UC's service workers. Here are some highlights of the new three-year contract that locks in raises provided by the state, and includes an additional 3%-4% in raises over the length of the contract:
  • Across the board increases of 3%, 3% and 4% subject to UC's state budget allocations for each year
  • All service workers will make at least a $9 per hour wage
  • Additional market equity adjustments of 1% in 10/2006 and 0.5% in 10/2007
  • Increases in shift differential for evening and night work of 35 cents per hour
  • Improved opportunities for promotion and layoff protection
  • Eliminating attendance policy that punishes employees for using sick leave
  • Free meal per shift for all food service workers
The participation of UPTE members in the strike along with members of CUE, UAW, AFT and CNA, made all the difference in demonstrating to UC that they needed to settle with AFSCME to achieve some labor peace. The contract for nurses (represented by CNA) expires on April 30. They have already hit difficult bargaining, with UC proposing wage concessions. UPTE and CUE (representing clericals) are also working without contracts and preparing for strikes. With support from other UC unions, we can also reach contract settlements soon.


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