Monday, March 07, 2005

Ari, Extra Dry

Reasons not to drink coffee while driving--you might spit all over your windshield listening to Morning Edition and hear Ari Fleischer open a segment with the line:

"Always let the truth be your guide--that is the single most important thing for the Press Secretary."

Fleischer, whose memoir Taking Heat was originally titled Talking Shit, later went on to say that he could say anything as long as someone else said it first. WMDs--well, President Bush said that. So Ari wasn't lying, he was just saying what someone else said.

Ari, I'm just repeating this, so you can't hold me responsible, but the only thing sadder then your sense of honesty is your sense of logic. I'd call you a mouthpiece if I wasn't thinking of a different part of the anatomy.


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