Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Christmas In Delaware

So the Bankruptcy Bill will pass with W.'s approval, and super large companies will once again be protected from poor individuals who prey on them. Liberty is on the march!

Here's a 'graph from Rolling Stone last spring that makes it clear how "democracy" works in the Age of Bush:

In 1999, Charles Cawley threw a cocktail party at his summer home in Kennebunkport, Maine, inviting 200 people to greet the town's most famous part-time resident, George W. Bush. The oceanfront soiree raised $200,000 for the candidate -- but Cawley wasn't acting purely out of neighborly good will. As the head of MBNA America Bank, the nation's biggest independent issuer of credit cards, Cawley wanted Bush to push for a new law making it harder for families hit by unemployment or huge medical bills to declare bankruptcy. Sure enough, not long after taking office, Bush backed the measure -- which would add $75 million a year to MBNA's bottom line. Last November, Cawley returned the favor by inviting Laura Bush to his Delaware home to greet 120 supporters -- raising $150,000 for her husband's re-election.

Somehow (maybe it's because I really do work at work, and not just live in blogland) I missed all the great Talking Points Memo posts about the Bankruptcy Bill fight. Go read the whole thing, but I leave you with this choice nugget, as Bush & Co. once again single out the most dangerous group in America today, single mothers:

The average American debtor is a 41 year old middle class woman with children and at least some college education.


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