Monday, January 24, 2005

You Think the Whole Jesus Is Your Oyster?

We've moved beyond the Grilled Cheese Virgin Mary, folks. Now we're up to the Lord of Bivalves, according to this report from Switzerland (and where do the oysters come from in a land-locked country? unless they are heavenly oysters):

After the revelation of a grilled sandwich allegedly bearing an image of the Virgin Mary in Florida last year, a bar manager in Switzerland says he is ready to sell a Christ-like oyster shell.

The owner told a newspaper: "This piece is unique. It is the work of nature. It is neither grilled nor cooked. I shall try my luck over the Internet."

Indeed, oysters are best raw. And it is easiest to get lucky over the Internet. The article also claims the man ate the oyster flesh, and if what they say is true about oysters as aphrodisiacs, and it really is a Jesus oyster and therefore omnipotent, Matteo Brandi, who runs a bar in the Swiss village of Roche, better clear his social calendar for the next 100 years or so.


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