Thursday, January 20, 2005

One Morning I Shot a Wild Hog in My Pajamas

I figured I needed to go find things more ridiculous than the events going on in Washington today. And thanks to the internets, I came upon this from the Australian Herald Sun:

Australian game hunters are logging on to a website that invites its users to shoot live animals with the click of a mouse....Video cameras will be connected to rifles with sensors that can be controlled by computer users anywhere in the world. The rifle range overlooks a reserve where deer, antelope and wild hogs roam. Paying members will be able to take aim, shoot, then ship their kill to their home, stuffed and mounted as a trophy.

It's truly wonderful to discover as you read the piece that this brilliance was created by a Texan.

The article goes on to say:

Rod Drew, of Field and Game Australia [editor's note: "Australia’s leading volunteer organisation in Wetland Conservation, Hunting and Shotgun Target Shooting," in case you didn't know, and isn't that clever how the hide the bad news in the middle], said the website was known within the shooting fraternity but he would not endorse it.

"That's not what the hunting experience is about," he said. "It's about understanding the outdoors, the species and its habitat."

And then, of course, blowing said species out of its habitat with as much firepower as possible.

One can only imagine it's merely a matter of time, especially with Cal-ee-fornya leading the execution hit parade (and wasn't killing prisoners high on W.'s resume from his governator days?), that some enterprising, ever-in-the-red state opts to let people pay to kill via website those on its Death Row. Heck, why not even work in a corporate sponsor--"Fry a Criminal from Fry's Day! All it takes is a couple thousand dollars, a well-developed mouse finger and a dream!"


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