Friday, January 21, 2005

As Skewed as the News

Media Matters has the scoop on our so-called liberal media. They watched the coverage of the coronation/homage to freedom as a non-contextualized idea fest yesterday on CNN, FOX and MSNBC and tallied the political leanings of the guest commentators. The Republicans surely got a mandate here, winning 42-10.

That the Republicans dominate cable, with FOX leading the way, is no big surprise. But checking the list of guests does lead to some questions. For in addition to the usual slimy suspects like Dick, er, Rick Santorum and David “Axis of Weasels” Frum, there are Don King, Tony Orlando and Tommy Lasorda.

Don King had to be there as Armstrong Williams’ contract expired and King is the only black person who will say nice things about Bush who has never held a Cabinet position (and with Colin Powell contemplating 7-figure book deals, Powell might not be nice for long).

Tony Orlando must have had an off night from giving retirees without enough money to get all the way to Vegas their cheap thrills in Branson.

But Tommy Lasorda? You want to know what a good Sinatra album is, you ask Lasorda. You want to know the best pasta joint in LA, you ask Lasorda. You want to know how to get bowled over at an All-Star Game like a defective Weeble, you ask Lasorda.

But if you want to know something about politics, don’t ask any baseball player, manager, icon, young-arm shredder. And if you really have to, go for some balance and bring on Carlos Delgado, so he can say why he won’t be on the field for the milked-to-death “God Bless America” seventh-inning stretch moment. Here’s what Delgado has said about that:

It's a very terrible thing that happened on Sept. 11. It's (also) a terrible thing that happened in Afghanistan and Iraq. I just feel so sad for the families that lost relatives and loved ones in the war.

But I think it's the stupidest war ever. Who are you fighting against? You're just getting ambushed now. We have more people dead now after the war than during the war. I don't support what they do. It's just stupid.

I’m hoping the Mets sign him just for that.


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