Thursday, February 25, 2010

The House of Tomorrow (or Tuesday)

So Tuesday is Magnetic Fields in LA day, and to get psyched, and keep that doleful-ness you've come to expect this week, here's a band that's led by a guy everyone says sounds like Eeyore...

First, I really got into the band with the release of The Charm of the Highway Strip, a road album of lost highways and the beloved losers who drive them, and usually they don't do songs from it on tour, but lookie here....

Just as lovely, lovelorn, as it needs to be.

And since that song mentions fireflies...there's what's still his most famous song, "100,000 Fireflies," which also is getting played this tour (and if they don't do it Tuesday, I'll do my best to not cry for the rest of the week, but am not promising anything):

Then, during my YouTube ramble I discovered this, a Stephin Merritt documentary!

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