Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Random Ten

Alan Feinberg "Clap yo' Hands" Fascinatin' Rhythm
Rilo Kiley "I Never" More Adventurous
Shriekback "Nemesis" Oil & Gold
Alison Krauss & Union Station "The Boy Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn" New Favorite
Crooked Fingers "Run, Lieutenant, Run" Forfeit/Fortune
Muzsikas "Bonchidai Lassu Magyar" The Bartok Album
Crooked Fingers "Devil's Train" Bring on the Snakes
Astor Piazzolla "Adios Nonico" Un Siecle de Tango Volume 2
Chavez "Top Pocket Man" Ride the Fader
Stereolab "Monster Sacre" Emperor Tomato Ketchup

The Arcade Fire "Ocean of Noise" Neon Bible

22,852 songs and that's the best you can do, iTunes? And as much as I like Eric Bachmann, he could be much better represented if he's going to hog 2 spots. Barry Andrews and the gang are probably top dog this week. (FWIW, it took to cut 13 to get to a total total fave, Superchunk's "Driveway to Driveway.")



Anonymous Freealonzo said...

1. Cool Blues -- Charlie Parker
2. High Fidelity -- Elvis Costello
3. Talking World War III Blues -- Bob Dylan
4. Top of the World -- The 757's
5. Radio Clash -- The Clash
6. Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles) -- Arcade Fire
7. Airlane -- Gary Numan
8. Fistful of Steel -- Rage Against the Machine
9. Street Spirit -- Radiohead
10. Bad -- U2

Bonus: Let It Be Me -- Social Distortion

10:24 AM  
Blogger Generik said...

1. Dirt Track Date – Southern Culture On The Skids
2. Give Me Another Chance – Big Star
3. What’d I Say – Jerry Lee Lewis
4. Gotta Get It Worked On – Delbert McClinton
5. Take My Hand – David Hidalgo, Louie Perez
6. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) – The Arcade Fire
7. Florida Room – Donald Fagen
8. Please Forgive Us – 10,000 Maniacs
9. Bella Maria De Mi Alma – Los Lobos
10. Drumshambo Hustle – Van Morrison

**Bonus** Love Me Like A Man – Bonnie Raitt

11:30 AM  
Blogger Marty said...

Tom Waits, "9th & Hennepin," Rain Dogs
Muse, "Cave," Showbiz
Ana Egge, "Apple Tree," Country Girl: New Sounds of the Old West, v.5
John Vanderslice, "Me and My 424," Life and Death of an American Fourtracker
Desperanto, "Alachua County Forever," Dead Buffalo
Titus Andronicus, "Arms Against Atrophy," The Airing of Grievances
Yo La Tengo, "Did I Tell You," Prisoners of Love
Joey Gilmore, "A Hit Dog Will Holler," Best of Joey
Outkast, "Decatur Psalm," ATLiens
Pavement, "Conduit for Sale (Live)," Slanted & Enchanted, L&R

Bonus: The Delusions, "What Are You Gonna Be for Halloween?," Keeping Up Appearances

1:09 PM  
Blogger E-6 said...

1. "Our Lips Are Sealed" The Go-Go's Beauty And The Beat
2. "Graham Greene" John Cale Paris 1919
3. "Distopian Dream Girl" Built To Spill There's Nothing Wrong With Love
4. "Older Guys" Teenage Fanclub Thirteen
5. "Take Me Home and Make Me Like It" Alex Chilton Bach's Bottom
6. "Which Will" Nick Drake Pink Moon
7. "Iris" The Breeders Pod
8. "Always Crashing in the Same Car" David Bowie Low
9. "Submission" The Sex Pistols Nevermind the Bollocks
10. "Drunks With Guns" Pavement Slanted & Enchanted: Luxe & Reduxe

1:28 PM  
Blogger Queen Whackamole said...

1) “Bewitched” Hot Fab Djazz Club Back to Paris
2) “Soko Yhinka” Ali Farka Toure Savane
3) “Connection” Elastica Elastica
4) “Every Word” Belly” Star
5) “Goodway” Monsters Of Folk Monsters Of Folk
6) “Bubble Toes” Jack Johnson Brushfire Fairytales
7) “My Opening Farewell” Jackson Browne Saturate Before Using
8) “Barstool Blues” Soul Asylum The Bridge-A Tribute To Neil Young
9) “Strawberry Fields” Ben Harper I Am Sam
10) “Inside” Patti Rothberg Between The 1 And The 9
+) “Trixie's Star” Helium The Dirt Of Luck

Well, some variety if nothing else... do like that "Barstool Blues"...

5:31 PM  

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