Monday, November 23, 2009

I Do Love a New Purchase, a Market of the Senses

Sorry but don't have enough time to say enough about this one with the holiday weekend closing in on my time and crazy things all due Dec 1 (who's idea was that?). But here's one of the best songs of all time. I'd have loved to have found a vintage clip but couldn't--the good news is the gang still really feels it, as far as the performance seems to show.

And it goes like this--I need to say thanks to music. Meant so much in so many ways but in particular I want to visit high school senior me holding Entertainment! in his hands, reading those liner notes about cowboys and Indians, taking in the lyrics that made Marxism dance in a suitably herky-jerky way. I want to say to him, "Don't be so confused, these guys from Leeds have it right. You'll see."

But maybe I don't have to. Instead I don't have to offer embarrassment and my usual excuses when someone asks me what the use is mixing pop and politics. I can just point. Something stirred in my little suburban brain as that guitar slashed and that bass insinuated its sly self into my still awfully angular white boy dancing. And years later when I finally read Horkheimer and Adorno, I already knew a soundtrack. (And do know how much they'd hate to hear me say that, but as Theodor wrote, the essence of the essay is heresy so I'll pull down my gods as I worship them.)



Blogger Queen Whackamole said...

Is this about that jacket you're waiting to buy?

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