Thursday, November 19, 2009

Presenting This Year's Miss Timed

In case you've ever wondered if you can be both hated and forgotten, consider the case of Willard Bundy, who is to Bundy-dom as Gummo is to the Marx Brothers, although you have to admit Ted makes for a lousy Harpo. It seems our forgotten Bundy invented the punch clock on November 20, 1888, thereby turning us all into more efficient wage slaves, at least till we all got internet connections at work and figured out cats say the funniest misspelled things. Makes me want to say rats, Willard. By the way, the invention was originally called a time clock, thereby joining the day calendar, automotive car, and look-and-hear television as early phrases for things so astounding they had to be named twice. You can probably imagine how the invention got the name punch clock.



Blogger E-6 said...

George, this item reminded me of my favorite cinematic "clock-punch"--Jackie Earle Haley in Breaking Away.

(the money shot starts around 1:08 of the trailer.)

7:04 PM  

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