Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It Just Happens to Rhyme with Pleurisy

So, I'm off to experience the Weird New Jersey sampler pack for a limited time--just one week. I will try to post, but can't promise how much I'll have access to my sisters' computers as I don't feel like lugging a laptop given I don't have to work. But we'll always have iPhone.

In the meantime, you all have a reading assignment, although knowing this "crowd," most of you have read the book or plan to--Charles Pierce's Idiot America. Now, it doesn't just catalog idiocies, thank god, for we all lived through that and still can't quite flush the memory of Joe the Plumber. But he does come up with a framework for how classic America crank--which he appreciates, nay, relishes about America--too quickly gets sold and a crank at market is a dangerous thing. (Birthers....oops, sorry, a little gas from my lunch there.) It's very funny, as only Pierce can be (I refuse to make a piercing wit joke), but also deeply moving in spots--what happened to the poor souls trapped in the Terry Schiavo circus is a true sin. So, go read and enjoy. Hope you're all here when I get back.

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Blogger Generik said...

New Jersey -- go for the corruption, stay for the legislators, rabbis and clergymen getting arrested!

New Jersey -- where the weak are killed and eaten!

Ahh, the Garden State... some of my very best friends are from New Jersey. Really. True story.

Have enormous amounts of fun, my friend.

10:08 PM  

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