Thursday, June 11, 2009

Always Late to the Party Even If It's a Party of One

There are some songs that just sort of get frozen in time as that time and nothing says 1982-83 for me more than New Order's "Temptation." Must have played that 7" version, my favorite then and yes there are numerous versions oh you of little NO-knowledge, a billion times, back when there was this wonderful thing called a turntable to play it on. It probably didn't hurt part of my infatuation time with the song paralleled an infatuation with a woman, and cad that I was in my youth I left another woman for her, changing the famous lyrics to "oh you've got blue eyes, oh you've got blue eyes" (seems I've always had the blue-eyed bug).

Then, years later the song floated up during one of the most gorgeous chapters in Daniel Handler's wildly clever Adverbs, not that he mentions New Order themselves, just lets us do that, pop peeking up at us from his perfect prose as a teen at the multiplex crushes on one of his co-workers.

And now there's this, what's almost a hippie-dippy celebration of the tune (we'll get to Jenny Owen Youngs in a bit...).

I guess it's only fair to let New Order have their song themselves, but it's them doing it more recently, rocking in their middle-aged old-sod-dom instead of their youthful asshole-punk-dom. Saw them live back in 1984 and it was a disaster of drunks not communicating with each other--later learned that Peter Hook came out late as he was passed out backstage. Still, anyone around 20 in the early 1980s probably has some of these basslines permanently implanted in his or her brainwaves.

But then there are covers you don't know are covers. I wound up actually following some of my blog links I don't check too regularly, given so many of my regular stops haven't been blogging regularly (you un-blog, accused), and at Addicted to Vinyl I discovered Jenny Owen Youngs and felt really dumb (this happens regularly). Her own songs are great--go check out this video, for instance--but this one below really got me. Then I found out it's a Nelly song, which means nothing to me as I pay no attention to anything more than 50 people like. But this I do like, so take off all your clothes and enjoy (it is practically Solstice in SB, so parading naked is called for):



Anonymous Matt said...

glad you dig the Jenny Owen Youngs!!

Highly recommend her new album, but you probably picked up on that from the couple of times that I've mentioned it. It's one of my favorite albums of the year!!

The video for Hot in Herre is great. Funny.

3:01 PM  

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