Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yoo Son of a Bitch

As you have to have heard by now, President Obama nominated Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court vacancy coming up because of David Souter's retirement. Needless to say, the right wing scream machine is already set on screech. And, of all people, John Yoo has something to say about it, as he's all about the law or something. Here's part of Yoo's lament:

Conservatives should defend the Supreme Court as a place where cases are decided by a faithful application of the Constitution, not personal politics, backgrounds, and feelings. Republican senators will have to conduct thorough questioning in the confirmation hearings to make sure that she will not be a results-oriented voter, voting her emotions and politics rather than the law.

Now you can see where Yoo would be against feelings, as they only leave you with something to torture and thereby make you vulnerable. But Yoo, of all people, saying politics has nothing to do with application of the law? (And you have to love the modifier "personal" before politics--as opposed to the impersonal kind the Republicans practice, I guess.) Let's revisit Bush v Gore and see how much the Supreme Court is politics free.

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Blogger Smitty said...

There's a great article over at Media Matters about the current noise-machine efforts to say that 80% of Sotomayor's decision were overturned, and thus she is an activist liberal judge. The article points out that most Americans do not understand how SCOTUS chooses cases, and guys like Limbaugh take advantage of that and can say things like "80% of Sotomayor's decision were overturned" with relative impunity.

Or maybe it's that Limbaugh doesn't understand that either, and is going off of what he thinks is raw data when he just doesn't get how to understand what it means. John Cole's article titled "Almost 100% of the people who visit emergency rooms bleeding need medical attention" says it all. The national average for SCOTUS changes to Appeals Court decisions is close to 80%. That's the whole fucking point behind SCOTUS.

By all RATIONAL accounts, she is a superstar with more time on the bench than any of the justices currently serving.

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